Reason to Work With Us

Our Team

At TheEduPlus, we work with the best educators around the world. Every day we meet former executives from top companies, alumni from IITs, IIMs and other quality institutions. And we have the chance to become world-class professionals, always learning from each other.

Creativity at Work

We appreciate skills, knowledge and common sense. Not hierarchies. TheEduPlus encourages you to make your own decisions responsibly. We don’t have a nosy manager telling us what to do. We have leaders who are happy to guide and nurture you. But you can use your creativity to make the system better

Learning Style

We are instructor. But we are also pupil. At TheEduPlus, we believe that learning is an eternal process that keeps us young and eager to learn. All the courses we offer online are also freely available to our staff. There are no limits to your roles, no silos, and the transparency and visibility you get are incomparable! So you must never stop expanding your horizons.


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