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Globally there is a mass exodus of organizations from being traditional businesses to digitally transformed next-gen entities. If organizations do not embrace the latest emerging technologies to their core services will get left behind and will face slow extinction.

AWS Security Certification Courses Training Overview

Globally there is a mass exodus of organizations from being traditional businesses to digitally transformed next-gen entities. If organizations do not embrace the latest emerging technologies to their core services will get left behind and will face slow extinction. Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the largest cloud solutions and services providers for enterprises across industry sectors. AWS Security certification training is critical for professionals and enterprises to improve their security posture where business-critical services are hosted on the cloud and hybrid-cloud ecosystems. With an increasing demand for cloud services and solutions across the globe, there are some of the major entities that are into these. Some of the popular cloud services and solutions providers include Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, and various others. AWS is not just popular for the cloud services, but they are also popular for their certification courses across various categories that include Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Specialty levels. Some of the popular AWS certification courses that have been widely-acknowledged across industry sectors are:
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (Foundation)
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate)
  • AWS Certified Developer (Associate)
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator (Associate)
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Professional)
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer (Professional)
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking (Specialty)
  • AWS Certified Big Data (Speciality)
  • AWS Certified Security (Specialty)
With the widespread adoption of cloud services and solutions globally, there are certain security threats that need to be assessed and mitigated to ensure seamless service offerings to customers. To ensure all the services provided through the cloud and remotely need to be protected at all times. To ensure business-critical services are secure and scalable, it is critical for professionals and enterprise teams to get trained in the latest AWS Security certification courses that help one to gain a thorough understanding of taking critical measures to secure their services on the cloud. Some of the popular AWS Security certification courses are listed below.

Popular AWS Security Certification Courses

AWS Certified Security Specialty The AWS Certified Security Specialty certification course is ideal for professionals to gain a proper understanding of advanced cloud security practices along with knowledge of securing applications on the AWS. The demand for AWS Certified Security professionals is far greater than any other cloud-based security certification course worldwide. The AWS Certified Security Specialty course provides the required knowledge of specialized AWS Data classifications, data encryption, and knowledge of AWS Security Services. Participants wishing to take up the AWS Certified Security Speciality course should have a minimum of 2 years of experience in implementing security controls for AWS workloads and a minimum of 5 years of experience in designing and implementing security solutions. AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty
In this AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty training, participants will gain a proper understanding of building and connecting AWS services through robust networking solutions. The AWS certified advanced networking course covers all the six key topics according to the AWS exam requirements. Participants undertaking this course will learn about implementing core AWS services according to the enterprise architecture requirements. This AWS certified advanced networking specialty course is ideal for professionals who perform complex networking tasks. Participants who wish to take up this course should be AWS Cloud Practitioner certified or hold any Associate-level certification from AWS, advanced knowledge of AWS networking concepts, and 5 years of experience in designing and implementing networking solutions in an organization.

Course Modules

Module 1 - Incident Response
  • What is Incident Response in Cloud
  • Foundation of Incident Response
  • Prepare for Cloud Security – People and Technology
  • Simulate Incident Response
  • Shared Responsibility Model and AWS CAF
  • Where do CloudSecurity Events occur
  • Amazon GaurdDuty and its concepts
  • Incident Response Plan
  • CloudEndure Disaster Recovery
  • Amazon Detective
Hands-on Exercise:
  • Amazon GaurdDuty Hands-on
  • Amazon Detective Hands-on
Module 2 - Logging and Monitoring
  • Introduction to CloudWatch
  • Metrics and namespaces
  • CloudWatch architecture
  • Dashboards in CW
  • CloudWatch alarms
  • CloudWatch logs
  • Pricing and design patterns
  • Introduction to CloudTrail
  • Accessing CloudTrail and tracking API usage
Hands-on Exercise:
  • Creating a CloudWatch dashboard and adding metrics
  • Creating a CloudWatch alarm that triggers according to the CPU utilization of an EC2 instance
  • Creating a billing alarm
  • Creating a log group
  • Creating a trail
Module 3 - Infrastructure Security
  • Network Security
  • Network Monitoring and Protection
  • Firewalls and DDoS
  • Content Delivery Networks and Edge Locations
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems
  • AWS Shield
  • AWS CloudFront and Signed URLs
  • Lambda@Edge
  • AWS Network Firewall
Hands-on Exercise:
  • Creating and configuring a AWS Network Firewall
  • Creating a Stateful Rule Group in Network Firewall
Module 4 - Identity and Access Management
  • Pre-IAM and why access management?
  • Amazon Resource Name (ARN) and IAM features
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) in IAM and JSON
  • IAM policies and IAM permissions
  • IAM roles
  • Identity federation and pricing
Hands-on Exercise:
  • Creating IAM users and a group
  • Creating an IAM policy and attaching it to the group
  • Creating an IAM role
  • Setting up MFA for a user
Module 5 - Data Protection
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Cryptography Terminologies and Concepts
  • Symmetric and Asymmetric Key Encryption
  • CloudHSM
  • Data Protection in KMS
  • KMS Policy Evaluation Logic
  • AWS Secrets Manager
Hands-on Exercise:
  • Importing Key Material to KMS
  • Creating a secret and rotating it using AWS Secrets Manager
  • Deploying SSL-TLS Certificate with ACM

Who can take up AWS Security Certification Training?

Job roles that can benefit from AWS Security certification training courses are:
  • IT Security Professionals
  • Security Architects
  • Cloud Computing Professionals
  • Network Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Infrastructure Specialists
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Aspiring AWS professionals
  • Professionals who are looking to take up AWS Security career paths
  • Anybody who is looking to clear their relevant AWS Security certification exams

Reasons to choose AWS Security Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • The best AWS Security courses provided for learners across categories under one roof
  • Expert AWS trainers with real-world experience to help professionals gain a thorough understanding of designing and implementing robust AWS security systems in place
  • Get access to accredited AWS Security certification training materials with hands-on practical lab sessions and case-study discussions
  • Get AWS Security Certification training from a leading Accredited AWS training partner
  • Flexibility to choose multiple time slots in 8 hours/ day or 4 hours/ day for your AWS security training courses
  • Option to customize your AWS Security training courses according to your learning needs and enterprise goals
  • AWS Security sample test papers to get the hang of different certification exam formats
  • As a learner, you have the option to take up your AWS Security certification training across multiple learning modes

Benefits of AWS Security Certification Training

  • Demonstrate your commitment to enhancing your skillset in the latest AWS knowledge with AWS security certification training
  • Validate your knowledge gained through AWS security training to design and implement next-gen security and networking solutions for an organization
  • Be part of the most sought-after job roles in the industry with AWS Security certification credentials across industries
  • AWS Security Specialty certified professionals receive a higher salary than their non-certified counterparts
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of various AWS Security concepts and in-depth knowledge to create a next-gen enterprise that is both secure and scalable at the same time
  • Create a successful AWS career path with widely-acknowledged AWS Specialty courses for security and networking
  • Get ready to join the bigger AWS community with business migrating their critical services to AWS platforms globally
  • With AWS Security credentials, newer and challenging projects will come your way to demonstrate your expertise and be next in line for promotions
  • Learn how to design, implement, configure, and manage AWS security best practices with a host of emerging technologies in today’s enterprises across industry sectors

AWS Security Certification Process

Below are the steps to become an AWS Security certified professional:
  • Choose AWS Security certification courses under the specialty category from AWS with Security and Advanced Networking
  • Select an AWS security training schedule and the training delivery mode that suits your requirement
  • Go through the pre-reading materials provided for the AWS Security training courses from Koenig Solutions to prepare better for the training
  • Attend the instructor-led AWS Security Certification training with hands-on practical Lab sessions and participate in various activities as prescribed by the trainer
  • Take up AWS Security training sample tests to gain a thorough understanding of the certification exam format
  • Become one of the most sought-after AWS Security Certified Professional to take your career to the next level
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