AZ 900 Exam : Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Training 1-day course, is an entry-level Microsoft certification for professionals who want to start their journey in cloud services and how to provide these services using Microsoft Azure.

Az 900 Overview

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Training 1-day course, is an entry-level Microsoft certification for professionals who want to start their journey in cloud services and how to provide these services using Microsoft Azure. Take part in this AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamental course to learn all aspects of cloud computing, networking, storage, databases, privacy, security, compliance, and more.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Training 1-day Course

With petabytes and exabytes of data generated daily, it becomes all the more imperative to manage the same on cloud services. In this regard, Microsoft Azure is an emerging leader, especially in cloud services. The Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training delivered by Koenig Solutions will help participants to gain a fundamental understanding of cloud computing principles and its implementation in Microsoft Azure.
Module 1: Cloud Concepts
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud benefits
  • Cloud service types
Module 2: Azure Architecture and Services
  • Core Azure Architectural components
  • Azure compute and networking services
  • Azure storage services
  • Azure identity, access, and security
  • Lab : Explore the Microsoft Learn sandbox
  • Lab : Create an Azure resource
  • Lab : Create an Azure virtual machine
  • Lab : Configure network access
  • Lab : Create a storage blob
Module 3: Core Solutions
  • Cost management in Azure
  • Features and tools in Azure for governance and compliance
  • Feature and tools for managing and deploying Azure resources
  • Monitoring tools in Azure
  • Lab : Configure a resource lock
  • Lab : Compare workload costs using the Total Cost of Ownership calculator
  • Lab : Estimate workload costs using the Pricing calculator

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites to take up the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training, but it would be beneficial if one has a basic understanding of general technical concepts of IT.

Popular role-based Microsoft Azure Certifications

There are many role-based Microsoft certification pathways that professionals can take to stay relevant in a turbulent market that is completely volatile due to a global pandemic situation. Careers get an edge when the resume stands out with widely-acknowledged certifications such as Microsoft Azure Certifications.
Below are some of the popular Microsoft Azure Certifications:
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900
  • Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-103
  • Microsoft Azure Developer AZ-203
  • Microsoft Azure Security Engineer AZ-500
  • Microsoft Azure AI Engineer AI-100
  • Microsoft Azure Data Scientist DP-100
Any professional looking to gain a fundamental understanding of Microsoft Azure then one has to start their journey with Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Training from an accredited training provider.

Learning Objectives of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training

Participants who take up the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification course, they will be able to gain knowledge on:
  • Fundamental understanding of working with cloud solutions such as Azure
  • Understanding of Microsoft Azure cloud concepts in for service based solutions
  • Benefits and considerations of using cloud services in enterprises
  • Understanding differences between Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Understanding of various cloud models such as public, private, and hybrid
  • Core Azure services such as Azure architectural components, products and solutions available in Azure, and Azure management tools
  • Understanding of Security, privacy, compliance, and trust across Azure solutions
  • Overview of Azure service lifecycle, Service level agreements (SLAs), and Azure pricing and subscriptions for their services

Is Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Worth It?

Professionals with Microsoft Azure Fundamentals credentials gain a distinct advantage over other non-certified counterparts and stand a chance to earn a higher salary across the globe. So, yes, having a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification is totally worth it, and the credential certainly gives a distinct advantage for professionals across the spectrum. In the IT industry, it does not matter what degrees you have with you; what matters is how you use your spare time to enhance your knowledge and further your career. In this regard, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification was created for a large number of people to start using Microsoft Azure in their day-to-day work environment. There are no prerequisites to take up the Microsoft Azure training, with basic brush up of the Microsoft Azure knowledge, especially Azure pricing and support, and a $99 exam should help you in clearing the exam successfully. But to gain a holistic understanding of the Microsoft Azure platform, formal 1-day training of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training will be more beneficial and will give you a clear understanding of the Microsoft certification pathway.

Reasons to get Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certified

With every industry and services sector undergoing a complete digital transformation who are maintaining their core services on the cloud has given rise to various cloud-based solutions providers. Microsoft Azure is one such cloud services provider that has seen exponential growth over the years. Hence, getting Microsoft Azure Certification for new and experienced professionals becomes mandatory in this digital and cloud-based business landscape. Below are some of the key reasons why individuals and enterprise teams should be Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certified:
  • Microsoft Azure is one of the fastest growing cloud-based solution providers worldwide
  • 80% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Azure platform
  • Several countries such as the US and the UK have officially accredited Microsoft Azure for their Government processes
  • Cloud computing has gained entry across industries such as Banking, Healthcare, Education, and more which helps to reduce Infrastructure and IT costs
  • Cloud computing to become 300 billion dollar business globally
  • A potential monopoly on the cards with Microsoft Azure being virtually everywhere with Windows OS platform

Key Features of AZ-900 Training Course

  • Instructor-led Microsoft Azure 900 Certification Training
  • Get access to a free 1-hour preview to learn cloud concepts
  • Expert Microsoft Azure 900 certification instructors across the globe
  • Accredited Microsoft Azure course material prepared by SMEs
  • Industry-recognized Azure 900 certification Course Completion certificate provided
  • Take advantage of 1-to-1 training and Fly me a Trainer option
  • Training provided across 100+ locations globally

Target Audience of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

Job roles that can take up Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training include, but are not limited to:
  • System Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Developers
  • Cloud Architects
  • AI Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Database Administrator
  • Security Engineer
  • Anybody who wants to understand what Microsoft Azure is all about
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