Data Warehousing Certification Training

A Self-Paced route designed to provide you a head begin into Data warehousing and educate you on specific standards of Data warehousing at the side of the implementations of those standards.
Learn Data Warehousing and ETL Live Online from pinnacle enterprise professionals Live on-line training Interactions with an Live Expert, get your doubts cleared in Real Time. Classroom Experience Access to World Class Instructors, from anywhere Personal Learning Manager Your manual from The Edu Plus, to make certain you acquire your getting to know goals. Get Assured Certification Live direction assures 6 instances extra opportunity of having certified

Introduction to Data Warehouse

Learning Objectives - Discussing about the basic concepts of a data warehouse and why it is needed. Difference between an operational system and an analytical system, Datamarts. Approaches to build a data warehouse. Topics -  1. What is a data warehouse? - Definition and explanation of the four terms - subject oriented, integrated, non volatile and time variant
  1. Need for a data warehouse 3. Difference between a database and a data warehouse. OLTP and OLAP? 4. Datamart - The smaller cousin of the data warehouse5. ODS - Operational Data Store - Definition and explanation of 4 terms - Subject oriented, Integrated, Current, Volatile, Detailed
  2. Benefits of ODS 7. Design approach - Top down approach, bottom up approach, Federated

Dimension and Fact

Learning Objectives - Learning what a dimension and a fact is, the different types of dimensions and facts. Reporting concept of Hierarchy. Topics - 1. Dimensions and facts - What are dimensions and facts?
  1. Types of dimensions - emphasis on SCD 1,2,3 implementations 3. Types of facts 4. What are hierarchies - Types of Hierarchies

Normalization and Schemas

Learning Objectives - Organizing data in multiple tables. Understanding normalization and its different forms. Learning what is a schema and the different types of schemas along with meta data. Topics - 1. Normalization
  1. Schemas - What is a schema. Types - Star, Snowflake, Galaxy 3. Significant role of meta data


Learning Objectives - Understanding principles of requirement gathering to build a warehouse and dimensional modeling. Topics - 1. Requirement gathering
  1. Principles of dimensional modelling
  2. Modeling - ER diagrams

ETL in Detail

Learning Objectives - Understanding where will the data come from and how will the data come and Populating the warehouse.Learning concepts of Extracting data, Transforming data and Loading the data into different tables. Topics - 1. ETL Concept - Architectural components - like Source, Staging, Atomic, Dimension
  1. Transformation - Data Validation, Data Accuracy, Data Type Conversion, Business Rule Application
  2. Data Loading techniques.


Learning Objectives - Implementing a data warehouse Project. Topics - Discuss a project, its problem statement, probable solutions, and implement one solution.  

About The Course

This Data warehousing course enables participants with concepts of Data warehousing like Facts, Schema, Metadata, Normalization, Data transformation, Dimensional Modeling and ETL Concepts.

Course Objectives

After the completion of Data warehousing course at The Edu Plus, you will be able to:1. Understand the concept and need of Data warehouse
  1. Implement concepts of dimension and fact table
  2. Implement data modelling, normalization and schema concepts 4. Model a Data warehouse
  3. Implement ETL jobs

Who should go for this course?

This course is a foundation to anyone who aspires to become a Data warehouse Architect, a Data warehouse Developer or a Data warehouse Business Analyst in the field of Data warehousing and Business Intelligence. The following professionals can go for this course :
  1. BI /ETL Professionals
  2. Project Managers
  3. Testing Professionals
  4. Mainframe Professionals
  5. Analytics Professionals
  6. Software Developers and Architects


The pre-requisites for this course includes basic understanding of Databases.

Why learn Data Warehousing?

As we move from intuition based decision making to factual decision making, it is increasingly important to capture data and store it in a way that allows us to make smarter decisions. This is where Data warehouse comes into picture. There is a huge demand for Data warehousing professionals and this course acts as a foundation which opens the door to a variety of opportunities in Business Intelligence space.  

How will I execute the Practicals?

For your practical work, we will help you setup The Edu Plus's Virtual Machine in your System. The required installation guide is present in LMS.

How soon after Signing up would I get access to the Learning Content?

As soon as you enrol into the course, your LMS (The Learning Management System) access will be functional. You will immediately get access to our course content in the form of a complete set of Videos, PPTs, PDFs and Assignments. You can start learning right away.

Is the course material accessible to the students even after the course training is over?

Yes! Soon after enrolling you have lifetime access to the course materials.

Do you provide placement assistance?

The Edu Plus is the largest online education company and lots of recruitment firms contacts us for our students profiles from time to time. Since there is a big demand for this skill, we help our certified students get connected to prospective employers. We also help our customers prepare their resumes, work on real life projects and provide assistance for interview preparation. Having said that, please understand that we don't guarantee any placements however if you go through the course diligently and complete the project you will have a very good hands on experience to work on a Live project.

Are there Pre-requisites for learning this course?

The prerequisites for this course include basic knowledge of SQL, General Relational Database (Oracle), Microsoft Windows GUI, Basic Unix, and Windows Command line.

What are the payment options?

You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, or NetBanking from all the leading banks. We use a CCAvenue Payment Gateway. For USD payment, you can pay by Paypal. We also have EMI options available.

What if I have more queries?

You can give us a CALL at Phone: (+1) (551) 350-2060 (US Tollfree Number) OR email at  


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